Write a complex sentence for the word horde

She lives in Chicago. Marge was as beautiful as her sister. All band 9 answers that I have seen use a mixture of both simple and complex sentences.

A dependent clause expresses an incomplete thought and needs back-up from an independent clause to form a proper sentence. Expand your possibilities by learning as much as you can about the English language.

Exercise Combine the following pairs of simple sentences into complex sentences. Studying before the test is good, if you want to pass. Air pollution can cause health problems. Notice that all of these sentences include an independent clause that could be used to create a sentence all on its own.

We can combine these three sentences in two ways. There are tough challenges associated with global warming. Concentrate on answering the question and if you know how to use these structures they will flow naturally. Metal robots are cool and look tough. Benny felt high as a rocket on its way to Mars just afterthe cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States hadended.

A large group or crowd; a swarm: I think you can do it yourself. What is a sentence for the word complex?

Can you write a sentence using the word 'as'?

A clause is a group of words with both a subject and a verb. Global warming causes environmental problems. Coming in Cataclysm late Goblins will join the Horde. What we need to do is put them together to make complex sentences. To make sense we need to add an independent clause.

What does the word horde mean?

Can you give examples of a complex sentence?

How do you use horde in a sentence?looked like a horde of insects scuttling about the. convertible and started shooting an M4 at the horde. Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet. In the complex sentence "John left when his sister arrived", the clause when his sister arrived is a dependent clause because it is preceded by the word when, which is a subordinating conjunction.

BJI / Lane Oatey / Getty Images. Mar 20,  · An example of a complex sentence is this: “I burned dinner but not the cake.” To learn how to create complex sentences, do writing exercises at home.

Complex Sentence Examples

Describe your day or the actions of those close to you using complex sentences. For example: After I got home, I Author: Jyl Lytle.

Definition of horde along with example sentences.

What is The Horde?

Vocabulary Builder tool is great for developing a sophisticated vocabulary. a complex molecule/carbohydrate a complex network of roads a complex procedure The company has a complex organizational structure.

Share to: A sentence with the word horde? Writing a complex sentence is easy if you have a basic understanding of conjunctions and relative pronouns.

How to write complex sentences

Study the examples given below. Maria is a brilliant girl.

Write a complex sentence for the word horde
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