The major issue of y2k in the computer industry

A few states are not yet Y2K compliant, so those services could be interrupted if there are computer failures. This could cause a complete failure and cause date comparisons to produce incorrect results. For example, formal program specifications state the exact behavior of programs so that design bugs may be eliminated.

Promoting and supporting co-ordination within defined geographic areas Sector Cooperation: Claims processing was vulnerable to Y2K problems beginning Jan.

Modern processors that power almost every computer bought today, and are starting to make their way into smartphones and tablets too, are based on a bit system and bit software.

Year 2000 problem

Without power generation, everything certainly stops. But BCD encodes the number 10 as 0x10, whereas hexadecimal encodes the number 10 as 0x0A; 0x10 interpreted as a hexadecimal encoding represents the number How are goods and services to be exchanged?

Most of that is delivered by railroad. In practice, it is highly unusual for banks to exchange data directly with each other. As you begin to see, the threat that the Year Problem presents is far reaching. While one empire was rising, another was falling.

The biggest issue, like the Y2K bug, is that computer systems that control crucial infrastructure stop working all at the same time. Unfortunately this is a mythical creature because every mainframe system is different and requires painstaking inspection by a trained programmer.

Shipping not expected to be e-commerce Y2K issue

Somehow the chip manufactures did not take this situation into consideration when designing these chips. Other programs contained incorrect leap year logic, assuming for instance that no year divisible by could be a leap year.

The are various stages that one must go through in correcting the problem are: If the chip thinks it has been 99 years since its last oil change, it will refuse to allow that machine to work.

By waiting for a solution that never came, many companies hesitated until it was too late to proceed in the normal fashion.

Y2K hype shows our fear of out-of-control-world

It has to be able to first generate a small amount of power to energize the motors and the controls in the plant to start the plant itself. Bugs belonging to other categories unreproducible, will not be fixed, etc.

The early mainframe programmers did not think that their work would be used for more than five to ten years. The items added may be called defects, tickets, issues, or, following the agile development paradigm, stories and epics.

January 2, 4: FedEx has had 4, people working on Y2K-compliance since it established its Year project office inaccording to FedEx spokesman Cornell Christion. At Reagan National Airportcheck-in lines lengthened after baggage handling programs were affected. Government also established a Center for Year Strategic Stabilityas a joint operation with the Russian Federation.

They are also replacing all of their accounting software that is not Y2K compliant. When this happens, there is a breakdown in the division of labor. Y2K and the embedded chip problem The problem with embedded microchips is probably the most serious because of the difficulty in identifying and replacing the problem chips.

In of the non-compliant aircraft, the embedded bug would merely cause the year to be displayed incorrectly on a control panel.

Software bug

Development methodologies[ edit ] Several schemes assist managing programmer activity so that fewer bugs are produced. Even in war-time, industry was paid for its production.

For example, was a leap year, butand were not.

Is the Year 2038 problem the new Y2K bug?

Falwell advised stocking up on food and guns". The IRS is way behind schedule, and has had several key people resign in resent months. Software engineering which addresses software design issues as well applies many techniques to prevent defects.

Medical implants - There are a number of sites that claim that medical implants will malfunction in the year In some cases, changes to the code eliminate the problem even though the code then no longer matches the documentation.

However, as no federal agency had clear authority with regard to the internet at this time it had passed from the US Department of Defense to the US National Science Foundation and then to the US Department of Commerceno agency was assessing the readiness of the internet itself.Office of Inspector General Top Ten Management Issues Department of Transportation Report Number: TW (Y2K) computer problems.

DOT agencies are also have typically resulted in large cost increases and major schedule slippage – an issue that has affected the pace of ATC modernization for more than a decade. The Gaming Industry and the Millennium Bug to casinos).

Embedded computer chips, utilized to operate facilities equipment, such as elevator and security systems, are also prone to Y2K dysfunction.

COMDEX was also an easy way for computer companies to reach the press, current or potential partners or major client groups. For attendees, this was the mainline to the best of what was in the industry today – and in the future. Tech Industry Shipping not expected to be e-commerce Y2K issue.

If any Year computer problems slow down the e-commerce industry, the shipment of packages is unlikely to be a culprit.

I do not want to minimize the potentially serious outcomes of the Y2K computer problem. If the year had begun invirtually all of the most extreme predictions most likely would have occurred! Y2K and the medical industry. I work for a major medical center, recently testified before Congress on the Y2K issue and said it is a.

in the computer industry began warning of the dangers of Y2K back in the early ’s it has only been in the last five years that significant efforts have been taken to prevent major problems from occurring.

The major issue of y2k in the computer industry
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