The christian perspective of capital punishment

Christians who oppose the death penalty say that being Christian means bringing heavenly realities to the here and now. Just because there is a higher percentage of a particular ethnic group does not, in and of itself, constitute discrimination.

Thirteenth-century Catholic philosopher Thomas Aquinas argued that the death penalty could be justified for the greater welfare of society. First, we should become informed.

Capital Punishment: An Overview of Christian Perspectives

DNA will free falsely accused, but hatred by someone to falsely accuse an innocent, will always exist, I hope we get better at spotting it. The convicted must also be judged as primarily responsible for the death of another valued human being.

He explores the biblical teaching to help us understand how to consider this controversial topic apply Christian love and biblical principles. Is this silent testimony of conformity the one we want to give?

The fact that Christians, or humans in general, think that they can be in control of the world is a major concern for this group, much more significant than the claim of statism made by some.

Why is life sacred? The sinner brings vengeance upon himself or herself, and God uses it within his providential purpose. Therefore, he requires multiple witnesses to the supposed crime. What God always wanted tc do with evil, and what he wants us today to do with it is to swallow it up, to drown it in the bottomless S6a of his love.

That capital punishment should only be administered when the pursuit of truth and justice result in clear and overwhelming evidence of guilt; That because of the deep reverence for human life, profound respect for the rights of individuals, and respect for the law, the SBC calls for vigilance, justice, and equity in the criminal justice system; That capital punishment be applied as justly and as fairly as possible without undue delay, without reference to the race, class, or status of the guilty; that civil magistrates use humane means in administering capital punishment; That members of the SBC commit to love, to pray for, and to minister the gospel to victims and perpetrators of crimes, realizing that only in Christ is there forgiveness of sin, reconciliation, emotional and spiritual healing, and the gift of eternal life.

The Apostle Paul teaches that we are to live by grace with one another, but also teaches that we are to obey human government that bears the sword. The issue was not simply whether the accused was guilty, but whether he also had a fair chance to prove his innocence.

In the secular sphere, both advocates for capital punishment and abolitionists fiercely argue over the legitimacy and the practicality of state employment of the death penalty. Cain slew his brother Abel for a pa ltry offense. Research done in the s in the USA found that Protestants who interpret the Bible to be the literal word of God were more likely to be in favour of the death penalty than members of other religious factions and denominations.

We do not have proof of the number of ships it saves, but we do not tear the lighthouse down. The death penalty is a warning, just like a lighthouse throwing its beams out to sea. Even if it is warranted, the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment.

In the s, s and s, states that brought cases which reflected limited or guided discretion laws for juries to apply the death penalty were upheld by the Supreme Court. Romans 13 deals with the principle that Christians should submit to the established civil authorities.

Some Christian theologians have also observed that capital punishment could lead to the conversion of criminals who might repent of their crimes when faced with the finality of death.

There were also punishments such as the punishment at Kadesh-Barnea Num. Anything less may bring the condemnation of God on that society. May 16, at 3: Clear evidence of guilt must be provided by two or three witnesses.

So the increase in the crime rate is most likely due to many other factors and cannot be correlated with a death penalty that has been implemented sparingly and sporadically. We know that there is zero evidence to support that those are anything more than the written word of man.

Opponents of capital punishment who accuse the government of committing murder by implementing the death penalty fail to see the irony of using Exodus 20 to define murder but ignoring Exodus 21, which specifically teaches that government is to punish the murderer.

Print this page Introduction Christians argue both for and against the death penalty using secular arguments see Ethics: There is no place for personal revenge in the administration of this punishment Rom. This was a very high standard of proof. For example, the Court supported capital punishment in these cases: And modern defenders of capital punishment focus almost exclusively on the deterrent or retributive values of the death penalty.

God was involved, either directly or indirectly, in the taking of life as a punishment for the nation of Israel or for those who threatened or harmed Israel.Common Christian Objections to Capital Punishment Despite the clear Biblical mandate and authorization in both the Old and New Testaments, some Christians oppose the implementation of the death penalty in modern societies.

Is the death penalty un-Christian? April 28, Those Christians who support capital punishment argue that Jesus was talking about heavenly realities, View. It was not meant to take sides on the death penalty, but rather explore some of the important issues raised by the various sides.

This article is excerpted from Dan's monograph. Dan now works with Prison Fellowship International. Does Scripture mandate, prohibit, or permit capital punishment? Christians are divided on this issue. How should a Christian view the death penalty? First, we must remember that God has instituted capital punishment in His Word; therefore, it would be presumptuous of us to think that we could institute a higher standard.

God has the highest standard of any being; He is perfect. This standard applies not only to us but to Himself.

The Death Penalty

May 01,  · But, should Christians support the death penalty now, especially in light of the controversial execution Tuesday in Oklahoma? This is not an easy yes or no question. On the one hand, the Bible clearly calls for capital punishment in the case of intentional murder.

Is the death penalty un-Christian? View all partners. Those Christians who support capital punishment argue that Jesus was talking about heavenly realities.

The christian perspective of capital punishment
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