The alaskan highway pipeline project essay

Mackenzie Gas Project / Alaska Highway pipelines [NWT/AK]

This was built over a two-year period and ran for another 2 years. This makes up about 20 per cent of the domestically produced crude oil, or about 10 per cent of the total consumption of the United States. The second line is the eight-inch Haines pipeline, which was built in to transport petroleum products from the port of Haines to military installations in Interior Alaska.

Northwest justified the prebuild on the theory that using Canadian gas to depreciate the pipeline for a period of years would make the transportation of Alaskan gas more economic at a later date.

As a result, Northwest was no longer willing to pursue the full project to Prudhoe Bay. Building an LNG facility would not work in the North Slope as there is only a 3-month window for tankers to move the gas.

At Big Delta, the oil pipeline crosses the Tanana River on a cable suspension bridge. Talk of a pipeline peaked during the OPEC oil embargo and several companies came out in favor of large pipeline projects.

None of the oil transported by the trans Alaska pipeline is exported to foreign countries. The consortium argued that because the pipeline would be used for intrastate commerce and foreign commerce, but not for interstate commerce, the project would not require Federal approvals under the Natural Gas Act.

She expressed her support for the pipeline, which was ostensibly the purpose of her appearance on the program. This line was built by private contractors working for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, the agent for the eight major oil companies who own the oil being transported. See the photo below Inside the Pump Building portion of the station, there are three United 16X22 pumps putting through about 1.

Canadian Arctic Gas PipelineLtd. The million dollars in seed money was forfeited by the State legally to Transcanada under a cancellation clause for front end engineering and design work completed. The tests were also verified in labs as late as10 years later. Only one is operating today Alaska Pipeline.

In to test sites were built at 7 locations next to the oil pipeline over a mile spread with pipes buried in the ground circulating a glycol solution to simulate gas flowing in the pipes chilled to 10 Deg F. The first pipeline was the three-incher built as part of the famous Canol project during World War II.

Initial evaluations[ edit ] Large natural gas reserves were discovered in Prudhoe Bay in The pumps require 13, horsepower each to move the crude oil through at this rate.

In a letter to the Sen. The third is the inch trans Alaska pipeline, which was completed in June oftwenty-seven months after the first length of pipe was laid. Either proposal required the approval of the Canadian government, which named Thomas Berger to lead an inquiry into the proposals.

The Commission then proceeded to conduct further proceedings to issue certificates of public convenience and necessity to authorize construction of pipelines from Prudhoe Bay and extending to San Francisco and Chicago, and the United States and Canada entered into an agreement regarding having the gas pipeline follow the Alaskan Highway route.

The pumps are driven by Rolls-Royce Avon gas turbines through a reaction turbine coupling.

Alaska gas pipeline

A shorter alternative route, which was considered in the s, links Prudhoe Bay natural gas through Mackenzie River Valley. Domenici, Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham wrote, "[The administration] believes market forces should select the route of the pipeline.

Alaska Pipeline

All-Alaskan Pipeline[ edit ] Former Secretary of Interior Wally Hickel headed a consortium which sought to revive the El Paso proposal to construct an mile gas pipeline along the oil pipeline route from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez with a branch to Anchoragebecause such a route would also serve Anchorage and Fairbanks and would have a much lower construction cost than the overland pipeline routes.

In the United States, three competing applications were filed with the Federal Power Commission to construct a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay. The other two proposals would cross Canada on a route parallel to the Alaska Highway.

The pipeline will be built only if Canadian authorities can strike a deal with First Nations whose lands are in the pipeline route, who are accusing Palin and other pipeline proponents of treating them with disrespect by not consulting with them.

Data was stored on cassette tapes and changed weekly, which was high-tech at the time. A proposal sponsored by El Paso Corporation routed the pipeline to Valdez along the oil pipeline route with LNG tankers then transporting the gas to terminals on the west coast.The Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline: Status and Current Policy Issues Summary On August 27,the governor of Alaska signed legislation awarding a license to TransCanada Alaska (TransCanada) to permit, develop, and build a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to the gas market hub in Alberta, Canada, with $ million of state support.

The project foresaw a pipeline with a capacity of 41 billion cubic meter (bcm) of natural gas per year down the Alaska Highway across Alaska, through the Yukon and British Columbia into Alberta.

[1] [24] It also consisted of a gas treatment plant on North Slope. An energy dispute of particular importance to North Americans is the Alaskan gas pipeline conflict, which involved the selection of a suitable pipeline route to ship natural gas from Alaska and also northern Canada to southern American and Canadian markets.

Alaska Highway Pipeline Project Energy in Alaska Conference – Anchorage, AK November 12, 2 TransCanada November 12, •approx. 59, km •Long lead time and project scale for the Alaska Highway pipeline accentuate these risks •Long-term forecasts realistically have a range of outcomes.

What Is The Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Project?

15 TransCanada. In the place where the trans-Alaska pipeline runs farthest from roads, quiet reigns into June along the section of the trans-Alaska pipeline farthest from an Alaska highway. Mackenzie Gas Project / Alaska Highway pipelines [NWT/AK] is a category for articles and stories relating to the proposed Mackenzie Gas Pipeline from the Beaufort Sea to Alberta, or the Alaska Highway pipeline from Alaska's North Slope through Yukon to BC and then Alberta.

The MGP would be km's long and take the largest untapped .

The alaskan highway pipeline project essay
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