Simple handwriting analysis

The speed and energy used by many writers often produces abrupt changes of direction which create an angle at the baseline and sometimes at the top of the letter. Have the child identify what characteristics are present in the writing sample. The size of the middle zone is the major factor considered in handwriting analysis.

He may even point out a different direction of thinking as his method of evading the present crisis. The slant indicates the writers emotional response to external forces. A full lower loop with light pressure indicates a need or wish for security.

Slant Right slant indicates a response to communication, but not how it takes place. He loses interest quickly and goes on to the next thing.

When his emotions get the best of him he may "fly off the handle" at unpredictable times. It can be found in al 1 three zones but is most apparent in the MZ.

Handwriting Insights

A general rule-of-thumb is that the way in which a person uses space when writing indicates his use of space in his work. About the Author Twenty years ago, Gary Thomas purchased a paperback book for one dollar. He uses will power to direct and control his actions. Letter form - This includes curves, slants, the proportional size of letters relationship between size of short and tall letters and between the height and width of a single letterthe slope of writing and the use and appearance of connecting lines links between letters.

Thread is the least used of the connectives, and sometimes is the hardest to recognize. Good, untainted, numerous exemplars make handwriting analysis far more reliable than a simple one-to-one comparison.

Also largely irrelevant to the actual analysis is the content of the written text. The other two forms of connectives may also be present to a lesser degree. You still must take into consideration the arrangement of the writing and the symbolism of margins, zones, spacing and slant.

The problem of simulation is a difficult one in handwriting analysis. As Type I thins out the individual stroke, Type 2 thins down the letters in a word. Questioned left and exemplar tables While this analysis would definitely not hold up in court due to its extremely limited scope and sadly inaccurate letter copyingit nonetheless seems we have found a match in the exemplar for each letter in the questioned document.Handwriting Samples These are provided as examples of different handwriting styles and as an aid in your understanding of how to look at various aspects of handwriting analysis.

These samples have been cleaned and. Handwriting Analysis Terms. 1. ZONES simple tastes gets the job done Extreme Expansion = Self-Expansion. Expansion is the horizontal extension of letters and space, presenting a stretched appearance. EXTREME EXPANSION = need for room generosity.

(Note: Each analysis corresponds to the handwriting sample to its right.) Real Simple may receive compensation for some links to products and services in this email on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

This form of cursive is simple and clean. The child learns to write using cursive—they start with cursive. There is no manuscript form, although, the capital letters F, Q, T, and Z are made like manuscript capital letters.

Another option would be to start a child with Zaner-Bloser Continuous Stroke Cursive. ← Handwriting Styles.

Handwriting Analysis for Kids

Handwriting Analysis- What is it? Handwriting analysis, or graphology, is the science involved in producing a personality profile of the writer by examining the characteristics, traits and strokes of an individual's handwriting. Learn what a writing analysis reveals about you. Did you know you can tell what your handwriting says about you by the direction of its slant?

A right slant means you like to meet and work.

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Simple handwriting analysis
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