Save the great white shark from

You can help save sharks by telling everyone you know to watch Sharkwater and spread the word. I just want to get hold of Tony Montana and Audie Desbrow. Start a letter writing campaign to the Secretary General of the UN requesting international bans on shark finning and the importation of fins.

If you are living in a company that still consumes sharks heavily, petition to the government and support legislation that stops shark fishing, protects shark habitats, and ends overfishing.

Ways to get involved: Click here if you would like to volunteer your product, service or talents at some future date. They finished off the 80s touring in support of Defend sharks by speaking out. Eventually, more dates were added and the tour extended through the early months of After the release of Shot in the Dark, Great White hit the road with Dokken for 5 shows and was on the verge of even bigger success.

During this tour Mark Kendall was hospitalized for a hiatal hernia for 3 weeks and then returned. Later they found out that Russell was released from prison after serving only 18 months of his sentence and Russell talked Kendall into an audition and he got in the band by a 2 to 1 band vote.

I think that would be very special for our 25th anniversary tour to have the same guys We talked to some other people, and [former drummer] Audie [Desbrow] would not be a person I would want to play with ever again in my life.

Great White

It was mutually agreed that the band needed a break and wanted to do outside projects. Learn as much as you can about sharks and teach your friends and families about the important role that sharks play in maintaining a healthy ocean.

If not, write your local government official asking them to ban shark finning. The album was certified platinum in July and then double platinum in September of that same year. The name they decided to go with was Dante Fox. Before the release of the album, Great White spent seven months on the road headlining clubs.

10 Ways You Can Help Save Sharks

Psycho City was followed by a US tour with Kiss. It is becoming more and more crucial to help save sharks as they play an important part in keeping our oceans healthy.

Rather buy cruelty free products. They will perform material from both albums with the former being performed in its entirety on some shows. Ways you can help save sharks: View Larger Image Importance of sharks: Avoid purchasing and using and cosmetics containing Squalene shark liver oil.

Massachusetts beachgoers try to save great white shark stranded on Cape Cod beach

Instead of patronizing the restaurant owners, rather educate them about the effect that shark finning and the eating of shark products has on our environment. Niven suggested the name change from Dante Fox after seeing Kendall stick his head out of a car window while driving by the Troubador and some kid in the crowd said "there goes Great White".

You can donate to help save sharks at www. Contact people of influence who you think will be able to help make a difference politicians, celebrities, non-profit organisations, etc.Watch video · A new video shows the dramatic rescue of a beached great white shark off the coast of Chatham, Mass.

Ways you can help save sharks:

on Monday. The video, posted to YouTube, shows the great white gasping for breath, its tail. Thank you for your passion and support!

You can help save sharks by telling everyone you know to watch Sharkwater and spread the word. We need to give sharks a new image and make ocean conservation a part of our daily lives.

Click here for more about saving sharks and to send this to a friend. save the great white shark Look fear in the eye’s and bare witness to its beauty. This unique volunteer opportunity will get you up close and personal with the often misunderstood Great White Shark.

The shark was found at White Crest Beach in Wellfleet on Sunday. People continuously poured water over it and even dug out a stream in. Great White is an American hard rock band, formed in Los Angeles in The band gained popularity during the s and early s.

The band released several albums in the late s and gained airplay on MTV with music videos for songs like "Once Bitten, Twice Shy".The band reached their peak popularity with the album Twice Shy in.

Join African Shark Eco-Charters on one of our Great White Shark cage diving and breaching trips, and let us educate you about the importance of sharks in our oceans and why they are worth protecting, in an effort to help save sharks.

Save the great white shark from
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