Pharmacia upjohn inc rogaine case study

These units include civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, as well as office facilities management and instrumentation, and more. Extensive marketing programs for Rogaine had been outlined, which targeted men and women aged 25 to Due to these developments, Rogaine need to review its U.

Pharmaceutical industry analysts estimated that most prescriptive drugs would lose up to 60 percent of their sales volume within six months after their patents expired due to the entry of generic products. Half of the expenses were to be dedicated to advertising to create awareness as well as increasing trial of the product by the consumers.

As balding or thinning hair were natural occurrences Pharmacia upjohn inc rogaine case study most men and women as they aged, advertisement should also cater to new potential users to persuade them in using Rogaine as their first choice of hair regrowth treatment.

Retaining the Rogaine Brand Despite increase competition, Rogaine would still retain its reputation as the pioneer drug for restoring hair growth both for men and women approved by the FDA. Even with competitions, Rogaine can still retain its position as the ultimate hair loss treatment solutions with the right marketing strategies.

Rogaine would be positioned as the only medically proven hair regrowth treatment that was available OTC. In addition, Merck was testing Proscar, a prostate medicine for hair growth which would be available in pill form.

Tools such as coupons or discounts for purchase of Rogaine related items such as shampoo etc could also be considered. Rogaine was approved for sales without prescription or over-the-counter OTC by the U.

Other advertising media includes information packets distributed via barbershops and salons,copies of informational videos as well as a numbers for call queries. Rogaine also created the first ever infomercial for a prescription drug as well as a World Wide Web site.

By being proactive, Rogaine would be able to reach its targeted clientele of male pattern baldness, which accounted for 95 percent of all hair loss cases of both genders. New marketing strategies focusing on retaining customer satisfaction as well as loyalty are vital to ensure continued success of Rogaine.

Rogaine had been sold in the United States since as the only medically proven hair regrowth treatment for men and women with common hereditary hair loss problem.

Rogaine Targeting, Product Positioning and Packaging - Target market were both men and women aged 25 to However, there are instances such as Nicorette Gum which enjoyed sales dollars increased of almost 6 percent in due to increased advertising as well as no direct branded or generic competition except nicotine patch.

Adults commissioned by Advertising Age, Rogaine would be positioned to capture a further Facility additions and expansions are always being made to the Kalamazoo campus as the company enlarges its product offerings and market share. Users can move files, retrieve them, copy or rename them, add new files, determine file location, and search the database, very quickly and easily.

With the launch of nonprescription Rogaine expected in Aprilthe company pursued a tight deadline in order to ensure Rogaine can be quickly and widely available to the consumers. At minimum, Rogaine sales should breakeven to its full total cost of production and marketing.For courses in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, and Strategic Marketing.

This best-selling text is dedicated to the development of decision-making skills in marketing.

Monday, November 3, Marketing Management - Term Paper II: Case Study CASE STUDY Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc.: Rogaine Hair Growth Treatment CASE SUMMARY SinceRogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment had been sold as a prescription drug in United States of America (USA).

Upjohn Company, incorporated in the U.S., and Pharmacia AB, incorporated in Sweden, would combine to form the ninth largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: PRE-MERGER The pharmaceutical industry at the time of the case was very attractive. Pharmacia Case. Pharmacia & Upjohn, mint-body.coml Summary: Company Profile: Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc. was created with the merger of Pharmacia AB of Sweden and The Upjohn Company of US in Pharmaceutical products account for 90% of company sales; almost 70% of company sales are made outside USA.

The Pharmacia & Upjohn engineering operation is broken down into 14 separate disciplines, or units, explains Freeland. These units include civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, as well as office facilities management and instrumentation, and more. Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc., the manufacturer of Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment, expected a 3-year monopoly on selling its Rogaine Treatment product, but was denied the production and marketing exclusivity.

Pharmacia upjohn inc rogaine case study
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