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The cloud inaminate object cannot literally climb a mounatin crest; however; it gives you a picture of a cloud climbing or ascending over the mountain crest.

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Readers can really connect with Campbell, and it almost makes the reader feel that they are in his situation and in his poem.

Another poetic technique used by the poet is assonance.

Men In Green

The men were not aware of what the war was really like, they went Men in green poem speech it all happy and the were fearless, but once they saw those injured men it became more real to them.

This technique conveys the poets message; as it helps you visualise the situation that the men were in and what their surrounding were like; it makes the reader more sympathetic of the view of war during that time.

In addition; there is feelings of regret in the poem because of the main character having to kill the man. Rhyme is a sonic device; which plainly means that they are figures of speech and their effect is that is makes the poem sound interesting.

The effect fo repetition is that; it drives the point and it emphasises what the poet is trying to say. Another poetic device is; alliteration. The effect of personification, is that it makes it more dramatic and interesting. We climbed towards the distant range, Where two white paws of cloud Clutched at the shoulders of the pass; The green men laughed aloud.

In the poem when it says i shot him dead because-- because he was my foe he hesitates when answeing why he killed him because he himself did not know the reason for killing this man. This can be displayed in the third line in stanza three "Just so: This device conveys the poets message; as some of the alliteration examples may be a nice and pleasant feeling or image, but, in this poem, the alliteration really is unpleasant and disturbing, which is probably what David Campbell was trying to achieve.

An example is in the first stanza, "Had he and i but met a By some old ancient inn, b We should have set us down to wet a Right many a nipperkin!

Explain your choice with direct refernces to the text. First of all, the rhyme scheme. Personification also another poetic technique in the poem. Nature had meet them in the night And stalked them in the day.

An example of this poetic device in the poem is, "A hundred hissing cannon shellsFeb 06,  · -Men in Green 1. When first reading the poem the most noticable technique is visual imagery for example "For fifteen men in jungle green rose from the kunai grass" this is an effective technique used very often in the poem and gives it a very clear visual of the poem.

His poem “Men in Green” () recalls his experience as a pilot during World War II. From to he worked as a grazier in Australia, raising sheep in Wells Station (–60) and Palerang (–68).

The green men laughed aloud. They did not fear the ape-like cloud That climbed the mountain crest And hung from ropes invisible Im doing this poem for a short speech i have to present in class tomorrow,i think its awesome and i really like it.

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//read poem// slide 1// Good morning/afternoon. The poem that I have just read and will be analysing today is Men in Green by David Watt Ian Campbell. Public speaking is as old as civilisation. It was elevated to an artform by the orators of ancient Greece, polished into propaganda by the Senators of Rome, and has been used and abused by countless silver-tongued speakers in the centuries since, from Lincoln to Hitler.

Men in green poem speech
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