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The centre should operate on a hour basis, be equipped to provide basic service and tariff information as well as emergency support or assistance on Maxis service.

Maxis could also launch a rewards scheme where the existing customers are encouraged to recommend new customers i. The major shareholder, Usaha Tegas Group, has also provided valuable support to allow the company to derive synergies from its affiliated companies.

Apart from magazines, adverts could be should be placed on local newspapers in the three major languages with wide circulation. So far, most operators have focused mainly on Klang Valley where income is the highest. The market could then be categorised into two segments by consumer demographical band; income, penetration rate and age group.

In addition, Maxis also plan to continue to explore domestic and regional expansion opportunities. While evidence of such dangers is currently inconclusive, such circumstances could pose significant risk to the market.

The MCMC has been accommodative and market-driven in the past. And in the case of East Malaysia, the adverts should be placed in the language widely spoken. Here, websites could be established for customers to obtain information, log in problems, subscribe to new services or top-up on their credit limits using their credit cards.

If these applications can be made available on their mobile phones, these youngsters are bound to switch over simply because it is much more portable Maxis communications essay convenient.

Income bands could be used as benchmarks to categorize the states in Malaysia into zones. To resolve this issue, new subscribers are asked to complete a subscriber information card and return it to Maxis. Maxis intend to consolidate further its market leading Maxis communications essay in the Malaysian mobile phone sector and continue to grow its business profitability.

This is to differentiate itself from the existing pre-paid services in the market. Apart from this, other considerations such as quality services and branding are also equally important. Maxis moved from a latecomer commenced mobile service in position to overtake more established competitors i.

Maxis intend to continue to develop and offer innovative new products and services, specifically in the area of mobile data and intelligent network-based services such as virtual private networks which Maxis believes will help improve its operations margins.

Once this committee is established, a system control should be laid down whereby the plan is reviewed on a monthly basis. Digi could also step up its efforts. The advancement in technology is a threat to mobile operators.

It also provides a forum for users to comment on offerings so that future programmes could be developed to meet customer needs.

They need only to purchase a prepaid starter pack which includes a Smart Card with RM 50 pre-loaded airtime in which customers could top-up by purchasing top-up vouchers.

Maxis Communications Berhad Essay

Digicom and Celcomfinally seizing the leadership position in Since registration is not needed, it is more difficult for Maxis to target these subscribers in its marketing of value-added services.

This could be carried by setting up booths in hyper markets, malls, LRT stations, fairs and have the sales personnel stationed at these places to provide information on the products. This can be conducted through tried and tested targeted incentives as Maxis continues to deliver better and more innovative services.

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Though it is a lower-end market product, the additional features would certainly boost its image and become a selling point with its innovative appeal that especially draws in the younger customer group.

These information cards provide useful demographic information of the subscribers which could be used for further marketing purposes. Maxis intend to explore opportunities to expand domestically and regionally through joint ventures, acquisitions, strategic investments or partnerships.

At present, there are three other operators. Posters can be placed in the LRT and Komuter stations, in the trains and buses. As for the sales channel report, we would be able to identify the sales volume for each of the distribution channels.

As an incentive, Maxis would load an additional RM 10 of free airtime into their credit limit upon receipt of the card.

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Comparison of actual performance against target and the variance analysis will enable corrective actions to be taken to further exploit marketing opportunities and threats.

Customers do not need to register. Maxis could appoint mobile phone dealers, fast moving consumer goods retailer, convenience stores and petrol kiosks for their services.

As for the external environment, the impetus of growth in the mobile phones is further supported by the falling prices of hand phones. Maxis could spread its influence through sponsorship of major events such as sports, musical programmes, premier movie and the technology segment on television.

And this form of promotion also creates cross-selling opportunities and at the same time enhances business relationship between Maxis and the customer.

The scope of growth is great outside of Klang Valley as the penetration rate still remains low. Current market penetration is only starting to Maxis communications essay into the middle class band economically and geographically. The agents could provide customer services such as payment facilities, information on the latest value-added services, responding to enquiries, etc.Organizational communication, as a field, is the consideration, analysis, and criticism of the role of communication in organizational contexts – Communication acts as a source of information and helps in the decision making process and helps in identifying the alternative course of action.

Maxis Communications Berhad is a leading mobile phone service provider in Malaysia. Maxis Communications Berhad was established in the early s and commenced mobile telecommunications operation in August The Values Of Maxis Management Essay. Introduction. Maxis communications Berhad is the fastest growing telecommunications service provider in Malaysia.

Besides that, it provides a wide range of fixed line, mobile and international network services to consumers. It was founded in the year by its founder, Ananda Krishnam. The Maxis Communication Berhad Marketing Essay.

To outline the who, what, where, when, why, and how. This report was commissioned to examine why Maxis has an opportunity to produce their own bran smart phone, since none of all telecommunication company has the same strategy yet and a way to recommend ways of increasing sales and revenue.

Case Study Background Of Maxis Marketing Essay. Print between Maxis and Digi which both of them is from the same business field that selling the same product which is mobile communication. Maxis and Digi operating in the same business field which provide mobile communication services to customers.

If you are the original writer of this. Maxis Communications Bhd (MCB) is the second largest telecommunications and Internet technology service provider in Malaysia. The company provides variety of communication products, including mobile services, residential fixed line services and broadband .

Maxis communications essay
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