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I know precious nothing about her relationship with them from this funeral. The second question is just how close to the throne is the perp? Finally, all this begs the question — who planned this funeral beyond the musical artists?

I personally had to have a cerebral aneurysm repair in January. Order Reprint of this Story September 07, Vincent Mercy Medical Center, we are blessed to have our own world renowned expert in the field of Endovascular Neurosurgery and Neurointerventional Radiology.

If Minister Louis Farrakhan can sit in the pulpit of a Christian church then women should be able to as well. And look at the singers of our anthem. Even the incomparable Rev. The black church in America is gifted with many brilliant female theological minds. On the other hand, the letter might be accurate.

Apparently, only black women have the stamina for this kind of thing. He made one feel as if he had all the time in the world to spend with you when we all know that is never the case with healthcare providers.

To the editor: Show respect for the anthem

Thanks to the skill and knowledge of Dr. The crowd should also show respect. Instead, the repair was made through a small incision in my groin and I returned to work in two weeks.

And I feel fortunate to live between these two fine facilities in the event I would ever need their expertise.

But who picked the speakers? There are notes of music to follow while singing it, but many singers make up their own version. Guessing where the bias lies is usually not easy, but when someone calls you names and is consistently disparaging toward you it might be difficult not to respond in kind.

The truth will be apparent when the author is identified. Our flag and anthem should be respected. With the skills he has mastered under Dr.

How is this possible? Close enough to attend cabinet meetings and swipe documents off the presidential desk? Sam Zaidat, I was spared the pain, long recovery, and altered body image of a craniotomy.

With the wide range of titles and fiefdoms that abound in the capital it could be just about anyone with a pay grade above GS9.

However, as a child of the black church, those gospel artists stole the show.

All should respect the flag

Publishers Henry Luce, Horace Greeley and William Randolph Hearst were never above spinning events, enlarging them or even creating them. He played a large role in my care and was kind, patient,and empathetic. In particular, I would like to especially mention Dr.

I have heard the talk about how Aretha handpicked every artist. Zaidat is a pioneer in developing this procedure and excels in training other physicians in this life saving practice. I feel all three of the above need serious attention. The clearest picture of who she was showed up in those performances.

Be the first to know. Satana Deberrry This originally appeared on Ms.Re “Media’s bias isn’t respected” (letter, July 5): The writer of this letter says that “respect is earned.” He is so right. But 99 percent of the media wants one thing — the truth.

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It's online but based on the old-fashioned letters to the editor format: Send me your thoughts and ideas, reactions and responses. I will collec. If the National Football League players cannot attend and respect our anthem, then they should not be paid. The anthem is part of the program — football, flag, and anthem.

The anthem is part of the program — football, flag, and anthem. The Times' letters to the editor are a collection of reader opinions, representing a wide range of perspectives on current issues. Join the discussion. Aug 20,  · I am the son of non-U.S.-citizen parents who proudly said to me many times over, "That beautiful piece of red, white and blue hanging off that pole is your flag, not ours." During renditions of.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Respect for the repatriated

Education that includes diversity teaches respect for the vast spectrum of human thought and experience that make up this great country.

And that “reasoned thinking” — Groene’s term for his own — might reasonably differ from that of the “political bias” of one privileged, white male Republican.

Letter to the editor respect the
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