It is the society that creates terrorist

Now, I am not making an absolute theory here. Thousands of innocent Muslims were killed in those riots including women and children. Nuclear terrorism and bio-terrorism are the arms of modern terrorism.

They just want to hurt him, finish him off in a jail or an execution chamber. Since democracy offers freedom of speech and movements, more targets are exposed to terrorist attacks.

The economic loss and damage that terrorism is capable of wreaking on a country today can be as appalling as that brought about by way of various segments of economy are badly affected by it, but tourism is the worst affected.

Often the terrorists form alliance with the drug mafia to run their nefarious activities.

It is easy to blame the Tsunami but it is easier to stop a guy from throwing a big rock in the lake of the peaceful fabric of our society. Terrorists are the product of re-action of crulty, suppression,maltreatment, insult, done to their nation, relatives or to them.

India has a hotter experience of terrorism, dating back to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi when its cruel face first appeared before the public. The prevalence of corruption adds to the woes. Nor are our leaders prepared to recognise the imperative of pooling in a meaningful way the vast resources, national and state level in a centralised force dedicated to fighting terror.

How education help to create a better society? There are several facets to it. What are we going to choose? It is easier to rehabilitate a 10 year old thief than a 35 year old dacoit. This can cause total blindness to the child. The Constitutions of most of the democracies provide for equal rights, but often these may be denied to one group.

This can apply to individualsor entire countries depending on their intended goal. The battle against terrorists cannot be won in isolation from the aberrations in the architecture of rule of law.

Many people hate Islam, including me. But as I have seen, many of the people that we call terrorists are just a product of the engines of social and economic conflicts that the masters of our world have created.

Many people in the society do not even want to understand why a person did what he did? Economic development of the area comes to an end. A person who hates an ideology today can grow up to hate the followers of that ideology tomorrow.

How To Create a Jural Society?

Today the Al-Qaeda is dominating the world of terrorism. She was a 19 year old girl from Mumbai India.Jun 04,  · Terrorists are not born, they are created. And they are not created by God, but they are created by men. Men like you and me - the common men, the powerful men, the media men, the political men, the religious.

Terrorism is one of gravest problems that society faces today. It is an issue of global concern.

It is an issue of global concern. The presence. Impact of Terrorism on Society and Economy: Terrorism poses a serious law and order problem and leads to disintegration of society.

The incident of murder, torture, mutilation, kidnapping, arson and extortion create atmosphere of suspicion, fear and panic all around.

“Terrorism” has not been defined under TADA nor is it possible to give a precise definition of “terrorism” or lay down what constitutes “terrorism”. It may be possible to describe it as use of violence when its most important result is not merely the physical and mental damage of the victim but the prolonged psychological effect it produces or has the.

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It is the society who creates a terrorist. It can be on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Go. science math history literature technology health law business All Sections.

It is the society that creates terrorist
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