How does bronte shape the readers

Chapter 34 Characterize the similarities and differences between St. Throughout the novel, questions of identity are raised.

How does her response fit in with what we know about Jane as a character?

How is this "pathetic fallacy" a form of foreshadowing? Pay attention to the appearance of a mysterious Mr.

What does this say about her audience? These contrasts also show he may be able to act as required in different situations, reinforcing the initial impression that he is untrustworthy. In what way are they foils?

What does the author suggest about its importance to individual happiness? Upon publication, great speculation arose concerning the identity of the author of Jane Eyre, known only by the pen name Currer Bell. If not, why does he go to such lengths to make Jane believe he does?

This set of questions issued by Random House—cover image, top right. How does bronte shape the readers a romantic relationship, does one partner inevitably dominate the other? Lockwood inquiring about his identity enforces the sense of mystery around him.

Chapter 6 In this chapter, Jane receives another lesson in strength, this time from Helen Burns. Is this resolution too coincidental or is it satisfactory? Compare the symbolism of " a wind fresh from Europe" and the "fiery West Indian night. How does Jane respond to their personalities.

Why does she do this? How is Jane different than most brides of romance stories? The first part chapters concerns her childhood at Gateshead and her life at Lowood; the second part is the remainder of the story.

Chapter 3 Most readers of today are familiar with the signs of child abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. Some critics and readers have suggested that the first part of Jane Eyre is more arresting because it is more directly autobiographical.

What does she mean by this? Why does Bessie begin to treat Jane with kindness at this point in the text? What affect does Mrs. Chapter 7 What do you think of Mr. How does this influence her throughout her development? Jane Eyre was a watershed novel at the time it was written because it blended two styles of novels: What is the balance of power between Jane and Rochester when they marry?

Chapter 10 Read the first paragraph of chapter In what way are they similar? Note again the switch in tense on page Chapter 24 This chapter is pure Jane Eyre.Readers can expect that the novel will be subjective. The reader will learn what the main character, Jane, observes and thinks. The reader must be aware of possible bias, inconsistencies, or incorrect assumptions from the main character.

Discussion Questions (There are two sets of questions—from the Penguin [first set] and Random House editions)1. Why does Bronte juxtapose Jane's musings about women's social restraints with the mysterious laugh that Jane attributes to Grace Poole (p.

)? The way that novels paid attention to the particularities of human experience (rather than the universals of the older epics and romances) made them the ideal vehicle to shape how readers.

Addressing the Reader in Charlotte Bronte's Novels: Jane Ey re, Villette, and Th e Professor by Christan M. Monin A thesis submitted to the Department of English of the State University of New York. readers in recent decades consider Jane Eyre as an influential feminist text.

The novel love and independence. Jane Eyre does not so much suggest definitive answers as pose the questions with urgency and a depth of imagination that Rivers, and Rosamund Oliver. How do comparisons with these characters shape the reader's understanding.

Reading Points for Jane Eyre Because Jane Eyre is such a long novel and we are working through it in only 2 days, here are some points to focus your reading. For our first day of discussion, read the Author's Preface and Chapters We will discuss general themes, but you should pick out a few quotes to interject into the discussion.

How does bronte shape the readers
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