Cornell notes chapter one ap us history

To weaken it removed govt deposits two Tres. Until s most states limited franchise to white landowners. Jackson supported hard-money v Jackson did not favor renewal of bank charter after expiration.

Sen Henry Clay offered compromise that tariff would be gradually lowered so that by it would be at same level as in By s national 2-party system: Jackson sent army, conducted campaign of systematic extermination but successful guerilla warfare forced govt to abandon war in e The Meaning of Removal i By end of s almost all major Indian societies relocated to far less hospitable lands west of Mississippi on reservations surrounded by forts ii White movement west impossible to have stopped, but alternative to removal could have been some form of co-existence like in NW trading posts, TX iii BY midth century Americans believed western lands had no pre-existing civilization.

Calhoun resigned VP became Sen. Recommended renewal bill to make bank issue in elections. Democrats supported by smaller merchants and workingmen of NE, S planters suspicious of industry, agrarian westerners iv Above all wanted to win elections: Court decisions of Cherokee Nation v Georgia and Worcester v Georgia seemed to protect tribal lands v treaty signed with minority tribe in Cherokee nation ceding all land to GA, but majority of Cherokees refused to recognize its legitimacy.

Finally Biddle contracted credit too far for his own allies in the business community, began to fear his efforts to save ban threatening their own iv Biddle forced to grant credit in abundance on reasonable terms, tactics ended change of re-charter.

Undesirable land far from whites iii Only Seminoles in Florida resisted relocation. Under pressure had agreed to cede land and move to Ind. Robert Hayne to claim slowing down W growth means for east to retain political and economic power.

End in empowered unstable bank system c The Taney Court i Jackson moved against economic nationalism support of Supreme Court, after Marshall died named Roger Taney chief justice ii Charles River Bridge v Warren Bridge btwn company chartered by state for toll bridge monopoly and company applying to legislature to pay for toll-free bridge.

Tyler and some conservative southern Whigs who supported slavery and states rights prepared to join the Democratic Party e Whig Diplomacy i Canada uprising caused tension leading to burning of an American steamship carrying arms and the subsequent arrest of a British citizen for burning Territory, many members of tribe moved 1 But minority led by chief Osceola staged uprising.

Argued fed govt created by states, therefore states final arbiter not Congress or courts of constitutionality.Chapter 9: Jacksonian America Conducted private business issuing credit, bank notes used throughout country, restrained less well-managed state banks.

Pres Nicholas Biddle had made bank sound + prosperous. Regardless, Jackson wanted to destroy it Back to AP US History Outline List.

Chapter outlines from "American Pageant (13th edition)" to help you review what you've read, chapter-by-chapter.

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Chapter 1 Cornell notes

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Cornell notes chapter one ap us history
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