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Written by a SpeedyStaff member who is an avid user of the iPhone since it was first launched. After a couple hours, I feel comfortable handwriting characters, and they no longer seem random.

Click on "Add New Keyboard Follow these steps to add Chinese pinyin input in minutes or less! Click on Home button. Tapping on this key once will switch between the available input methods.

If this app could address that, it would be much more useful Best Writing App to date Dec 2, Dunmessedup I have been studying Chinese for 16 years, and teaching it for more than five years. Then find and tap Keyboards, followed by Add New Keyboard… and finally scroll down to and tap the input method of choice.

Look for the "Settings" button i. Both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese methods are available, so pick the one you prefer or both. If you decided that you would like to remove a language you have added before, simply select the chinese character writing app iphone button located at the upper right hand corner.

Tap Chinese input method Pinyin My suggestion is of course to select the pinyin input method as it is the fastest and most widely-used Chinese input method. Verify that "Chinese - Traditional" Handwriting now shows up on Keyboards page. This is an amazing tool. Click on "General" and the following page will appear 4.

Google Play How to use Pinyin to Type Chinese iPhone One of my favorite things about my iPhone is how easy it is to configure the keyboard for Chinese input without installing any apps.

However, since I usually have several keyboards enabled on my iPhone I usually tap-and-hold this key to reveal the input selector. I hope this never goes away. Use pinyin to type Chinese characters If you found this article helpful, please take a moment to share it!

Now I discovered you can create your own packs of symbols, so I created mine with the symbols of the three first lessons I am being given to study. The fact that you can create your own packs to study from makes it invaluable.

I thank and congratulate the creators, for giving so much! For example, you can add Danish as an additional keyboard language. Click on "International Keyboards" and the following page will appear.

Once revealed, drag your finger over the desired input method and release to enable it. Click on the "Setting" button and the following page will appear. Learn pinyin on your iPhone or iPad. Click on the "Globe" icon when the Keyboard shows located at the last row, 2nd key of the keyboard.

Jul 28, Iphone The free version is good. Click on the " - " icon next to the language, then click "Delete".

Learn Chinese Writing With These iPhone Apps

Adding Chinese pinyin input methods on iPhone To enable Chinese pinyin or other input methods on your iPhone, first navigate to the Settings App. From there, find and tap the Keyboard row. Completely recommend everybody to download this.Now I can practice my Chinese character writing using iPhone apps.

Learn Chinese Writing With These iPhone Apps | Appolicious mobile apps I remember when I first studied Chinese in Taiwan, I wrote Chinese characters over and over in the correct stroke order in a notebook of grid paper. Jun 19,  · Monki Chinese Class App is available for: iPad, iPhone App Review: App Download (iTun.

Jun 28,  · Click the 'Globe' to switch keyboard from English to Chinese and vice versa. The Chinese keyboard will suggest the characters as you writing the strokes.

How to use Pinyin to Type Chinese (iPhone)

It will even suggest the next character to form the meaningful word. So to write Chinese characters '再见' (or Good Bye in English), only need to write the first character '再'. Pleco: Chinese Character Recognition App Finally Comes to Android [REVIEW] After months of rigorous testing, feedback from hundreds of voluntary testers, and seven beta versions, the Android iteration of Pleco dictionary has today gone gold, and now finds a home in the Android Market.

Apr 21,  · • The app remembers which characters you've had trouble writing and prioritises them in future games, as well as highlighting them in the character pack browsing screen.

• Includes an animated introduction to the basic rules for writing Chinese characters/5(13). How to use Pinyin to Type Chinese (iPhone) You can tap the Home button to exit the Settings app and start using typing (and/or writing) in Chinese!

Use pinyin to type Chinese characters. If you found this article helpful, please take a moment to share it! Also, let me know if .

Chinese character writing app iphone
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