Ca technologies case study

This implementation can highly reduce the risk the clients consider the cloud computing technique. CA technologies is also capable of delivering services on multiple platforms like mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe.

Strengthen the ability on solving the security issue Although cloud computing system is a new helpful technology, there is still plenty of security issues associated with this innovative technique.

Overview CA Technologies is one of the largest independent software corporations in the world. They have maintained its well-respected position in the mainframe and client server business for the past thirty years.

Massive size of data means that well operated security has to be considered, especially in the virtualized field. Even with limited resources, small-scale companies can provide such services.

There are still many deficiencies in legislation and management. That is why some big companies refused to use cloud computing system in their business. For the B2B market, building a positive reputation is the key since the way of word of mouth can easily bring more possible customers to the company.

However, the industry insiders hold negative view on switching the core business to cloud computing and questioned the significance of cloud-based opportunities, they thought cloud computing has some issues concerning security, which mainframe had less.

After all, after the acquisitions, CA Technologies has already had related technologies and recourses, and they do not need to do acquisitions all the time.

By using the social media, CA Technologies can tell their customers that they are not only good in the mainframe market but are also ready for the new technology, cloud computing.

Never want to fear the competition?

Besides developing solutions for security, correcting the stereotype of the public is also an important part for marketing department to address.

The industry insider questioned and suspect the cloud computing.

CA Technologies

Furthermore, CA technology has possessed a good reputation in the mainframe market. Low It is difficult to substitute all the hardware for cloud computing. The company can use what they have gotten from the various acquisitions, such as the cloud computing platform, the security software solutions and some data to build up its competitive advantage.

This can create certain impact, attract more customers and build the brand loyalty. The customers of the CA technologies would utilize the application for managing their IT service desk.

Self-develop research team CA technologies has already acquired several small cloud computing firms since the company changed its target from the mainframe market to the cloud computing market. For CA Technologies aspect, in the new era of cloud computing, any incident pertaining to privacy or security — even a minor one — is the fastest way to erode brand equity and consumer trust.

In order to develop its promising succession plan and maintain its highly competitive strength in the market, CA would like to transform its mainframe business to new technology—cloud computing. They have maintained a strong relationship with major companies of these industries since s.

As a world-class large-scale mainframe provider, CA technology has a certain reputation and professional technical quality, so the company can on this basis to develop the cloud technology.

High Many IT companies, whether they are big companies or not, are involved in cloud computing business.

Ca Technologies Case Study

After firm-wide strategic sessions and internal surveys, CA was reorganized to a new strategy.Click to read the case study about how 8KMiles provided an MISP in a private cloud environment to act as the Identity Provider (IDP) in establishing the federation partnership with the selected SaaS Partners.

CA Technologies Case Study “It was Medallia that helped us get clarity on what was going on with our customer base.

It was illuminating to get feedback that was not based on one or two customer meetings, but on very clear pattern recognition based on thousands and thousands of responses. Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: June 27, Adam Famularo, general manager, Cloud Computing business, CA Technologies, and David Dobson, WVP and.

Introduction. This case study of a state & local government is based on a August survey of CA Technologies DB2 Management Solution customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. MG Management of Information Technology and Information Systems Spring Prof.

Kevin Brabazon CA Technologies Case Study Prepared By Xi Lou Lun Li. Real companies. Real results. View case study > CA APM Helps Orange Increase Sales and Improve Customer and User Experience. View case study > Vodafone Turkey Reduces Maintenance and Repair Costs With CA Technologies Solutions for Service-Oriented Architecture.

Ca technologies case study
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