An essay on the article the social construction of social identity by ruth hubbard

She further exposits the issues revolving around gender equality that were mainly brought to her attention by how she and her colleagues suddenly started getting promoted from their "ghetto" lab positions right into proper titles.

I think the most important thing we can do is accept the different sexual orientations. This again defines how western civilization defines sexuality in that the man tell s the woman what to do in order to make the man happy, or to make woman more attractive. While the majority does end up attracted to the opposite sex, there is nothing "wrong" with people who do not.

They are used as a sex symbol in advertising, kitchen-bound from college, and not worthy of the political arena, all of which are unnecessary for the survival of our species. This is an incorrect assumption, because people do not make their decisions based upon their own range of experiences.

If our culture were to speak to adolescents with such honest discussion and education eliminating shame and fear mongering from the discourse of sexuality, our youth would experience a much healthier development of their sexuality and sexual identity. Apparently society was ready, as Ellen has remained on the air and is still widely watched.

Regardless of his sexual identity, Michael had been an incredible man and a close family friend. Risky sexual behavior may become more enticing as an act of rebellion. The same goes for the gender inequality that Lorber describes.

For many of these groups, they hear the world being described by society and they are not part of it - as if they "looked into a mirror and saw nothing," Van Gelder The free Sociology research paper Responses to?

It is beyond comprehension, in this century which has witnessed holocausts of ethnic, racial, and religious extermination in many parts of our planet, perpetrated by peoples of widely different cultural and political affiliations and beliefs, that educated persons—scholars and popularizers alike—can come forward to argue, as though in complete innocence and ignorance of our recent history, that nothing could be more interesting and worthwhile than to sort out the "racial" or "ethnic" components of our thoroughly mongrelized species so as to ascertain the root identity of each and everyone of us.

Sadly, even though he was not even alive, my perception of Michael changed a great deal. One notable instance from men is when they revive various old and unfounded biological theories on women to justify the typical subservient positions of the female gender.

She also studied the visual pigments in several new species. Since we all know how men feel about powerful women, my guess would be that women would rather remain in the reproducing group than stand up for themselves.

So why are we teaching our young to completely ignore a basic human feeling? Homosexuals are not accepted as a normal part of society, and for this reason, the first thought in the minds of many is to find an excuse for their "problem.

I included an article from Good Parenting that explains children as young as age one, begin to murmur the words mamma and dadda. My question is why does sex have to be taboo? Lorber argues that women are the subordinates in society by stating It is not the result of sex, procreation, physiology, anatomy, hormones, or genetic predisposition.

One theory suggests that self-esteem and confidence are internal mechanisms to let humans know where they belong on the human dominance hierarchy, thus separating the leaders from the followers.

Although sex is not considered to be only for procreation in modern times, the concept that heterosexuality is the only acceptable sexual orientation has been objectified over the years into its own reality. A good example of a recent event illustrated how social institutions are responding differently to the visibility of homosexuals and bisexuals was when Ellen Degeneres "came out" on national television.

In doing so, we categorized homosexuals as people who are "different by nature and therefore [they] should not be made responsible for [their] own so-called deviance," Hubbard And yet still today, there is no universally accepted answer as to which is correct.

The way to explain the cultural homophobia described by Hubbard is to remember that societal opinion can, in a sense, be passed on through genetic coding.

Twenty years ago, this could never have been possible as too many people would be shocked and the show would have been ridiculed.

Along these same lines, the assumption that sexual preference is biologically based makes it easier for many people to deal with the shock of finding out that someone is homosexual. This example shows how sexual identity is socially constructed because, as homosexuals and bisexuals have been increasingly coming out in the media and fighting for their rights, more people have been able to come to terms with their own sexuality.

Hubbard even refers to the means of debate as "breathing new life" into old theories and assumptions. As discussed in many of the readings, being homosexual is associated with various stigmas.

In addition, artists, novelists, and poets can compose their works without being victim to review under the funding agencies that makes the use of scientific fact tedious and less effective.Ruth Hubbard (), Race & Genes, in Is Race Real?, a web forum sponsored by the Social Science Research Council, June 7, Books [ edit ] Ruth Hubbard (), The Politics of Women's Biology, Rutgers University Press.

Ruth Hubbard

Sep 07,  · After reading Ruth Hubbard's The Social Construction of Sexuality from her book The Politics of Women's Biology, My eyes were truly opened to a new more modern way to look at sex and mint-body.comd begins her essay bringing light to way in which adolescents are told to view sex and their sexuality.

Our American Christian culture preaches abstinence, sex for procreation, and sex and. Today, Mayor Lenny Curry an essay on the article the social construction of social identity by ruth hubbard appointed City of Jacksonville Chief Financial Officer making choices and sticking to your principles in a p by john updike (CFO) A comparison between the life of ernest hemingway and the plot of his novel a farewell to arms Mike Weinstein as Interim Executive Director of the Kids Hope Alliance.

• The Social Construction of Sexuality, Ruth Hubbard, pp.

An essay on the article the social construction of social identity by ruth hubbard

• The Invention of Heterosexuality, Jonathan Ned Katz, pp. • Masculinity as Homophobia: Fear, Shame, and Silence in the Construction of Gender Identity, Michael S.

Kimmel, pp. Ruth Hubbard, author of the article The Social Construction of Sexuality, spends time discussing the idea of western civilizations defining sexuality very young in children’s social development. Hubbard points out that children are taught to know their sexuality, yet not explore it.

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The article "The Social Construction of Social Identity" by Ruth Hubbard begins with the simple statement "There is no 'natural human sexuality." This is the basis for the entire article which outlines how society has constructed a "right" sexual orientation, and a wrong one.

An essay on the article the social construction of social identity by ruth hubbard
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